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Ting-Ting Zhang
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Ting-Ting Zhang

Address: 1 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China



09/2019—06/2023 M.E. Biotechnology Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

09/2015—06/2019 B.S. Food Quality and Safety, School of Food Engineering, Ludong University, Yantai, China

Research Experience:

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China 06/2023Present

Ph. D student in Institute of Zoology, laboratory of Dr. Guan-Hong Wang.

Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China 05/201905/2023

M.E. student in Institute of Microbiology, laboratory of Dr. Jiang-Chun Wei & Dr. Xin-Li Wei.

Project: Fungal taxonomy and microbiome amplicon sequencing analysis

Ludong University, Yantai, China 10/201504/2019

B.S. student in School of Food Engineering, laboratory of Dr. Han-Sheng Gong.

Project: Application of bacteriocin in lactic acid bacteria.

Research Areas:

Microbiology; Molecular Systematics; Mycology; Pest control


1Zhang TT, Zhang X, Yang QX, Wei XL*. Hidden species diversity was explored in two genera of catapyrenioid lichens (Verrucariaceae, Ascomycota) from the deserts of China. Journal of Fungi, 2022, 8 (7): 729.

2Zhang TT#, Zhu XY#, Vizzini A, Li BT, Cao ZH, Guo WQ, Qi S, Wei XL* and Zhao RL*. New insight into lichenization in Agaricomycetes based on an unusual new basidiolichen species of Omphalina s. str. Journal of Fungi, 2022, 8: 1033.

3Zhang TT, Wei XL*. One new species and three new records of the lichen-forming fungal family Verrucariaceae from China. Mycosystema, 2023, 42 (3): 625-37. (In Chinese)

4Zhang TT, Cheng XM, Wei XL*, Wei JC. Research progress on desert lichen crust. Mycosystema, 2021, 40 (1): 1-13. (In Chinese)

5Yang QX, Cheng XM, Zhang TT, Liu XZ, Wei XL*. Five new species of the lichen-forming fungal genus Peltula from China. Journal of Fungi, 2022, 8: 134.

6Yang QX, Cheng XM, Zhang TT, Wei XL*, Wei JC. A new species and four new Chinese records of Lichinomycetes. Mycosystema, 2020, 39 (4): 645-52. (In Chinese)

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