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He Jiang
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He Jiang

Address: 1 Beichen West Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101, China

Telephone: +86-10-64807127




M.S. Plant Protection, Hebei Agricultural University.


B.S. Animal and Plant Quarantine, Hebei Agricultural University.

Research Areas:

Microbiology; Insectology; Pathology;


6. Xingxing Yuan, Han Li, Xianru Guo, He Jiang, Qi Zhang, Lijuan Zhang, Gaoping Wang, Weizheng Li and Man Zhao. Functional roles of two novel P450 genes in the adaptability of Conogethes punctiferalis to three commonly used pesticides [J]. Frontiers in Physiology.14:1186804.

5. Wei-Hua Li, He Jiang, Guan-Hong Wang*. 2022. The progress in prevention and control of mosquito based on microorganism and gene editing [J]. Journal of Plant Protection. 49(1):231-239.(In Chinese)

4.Jiang H, Meng X, Ma J, Sun X, Wang Y, Hu T, Cao K, Wang S*. Raw data of laboratory toxicity and field control effect of different fungicides on Colletotrichum fructicolaData in Brief36 (2021) 107000.

3. Jiang H, Meng X.-L., Ma J, et al. 2021. Control effect of fungicide pyraclostrobin alternately applied with Bordeaux mixture against apple Glomerella leaf spot and its residue after preharvest application in China [J]. Crop Protection, 142(5):105489.

2. Jiang H, Ma J, Meng XL, et al. 2021. Effect of alternating application of different fungicides and Bordeaux solution on the control of apple anthracnose leaf blight[J]. China Plant Protection,2021,41(04):71-73.(In Chinese)

1. Jiang H, Lu YX, Chong XY, et al. 2021. Control effect of triazole fungicides on apple rust and evaluation of crop safety. Northern Horticulture.(05):21-27.(In Chinese)

Honors & Awards:


Wang H.R. scholarship in 2020


Outstanding graduate cadres


First class scholarship


First class scholarship


Teacher qualification certificate


DaBeiNong inspirational grant


Outstanding members of the Communist Youth League


First class scholarship

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